Meet The Amish West Family

Rema Bacuetes
Bakery Manager

Rema began working in the bakery department as barista five years ago and has been a valued member of the Amish team ever since. She first came to the United States with limited English but over the years she’s become a strong communicator and rose to become manager of our entire bakery department as well as our smoothie and juice section.

Favorite Fruit or Veg
Rema is vegetarian and absolutely loves yoga, but her true passion is for fresh and fragrant herbs and spices. She always gives advices to other team members about which herbs have what properties and how each one helps the human body perform at its best.
Rema is happily married to her husband who immigrated to the United States from the Philippines and has a rewarding and fulfilling career as an aerospace engineer.
Thierno Diallo
Produce Team

Less than one year ago, Thierno came to the United States, following other members of his family in search of a new home and prosperity. He speaks French Fluently and is quickly learning more and more advanced English. Thierno’s family emigrated from Guinea and he is the last child to move to the states after his four siblings.

After only one month in New York, he joined the Amish team. He’s an incredibly hard worker, balancing his shifts with Amish with the intensive English classes he’s taking. Thiernon plans to study computer science at school, and enjoys spending his free time playing soccer.

Coskun (Josh) Ceylan

Coskun is 42 years old and studied Business Management at school. His management classes have served him well during his 17 years with Amish Market West, becoming an indispensable leader for the team.

Coskun is married and has one child. He loves spending time with his family.
Metallica is Coskun’s favorite band of all time, but he listens to many different genres of music including heavy metal, blues, and salsa.